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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Will first ever book I have read by this amazing author, and I loved it!! I needed a good vampire story and this was just it. I got right into the book as soon as I started it. The story line was different then most vampire stories, the whole Life's Blood concept was very interesting and how the 3 brothers are so drawn to Kalina in a different way then others are. I am excited to see whats gong to happen in the adventure Kalina is going to have to go on to find out more. It really is a great story and u will get hooked on the characters from the start! A must read and for young and older fans!!;)))) And u will also enjoy her many other series as well!! I am off to read book 2 in the series!!

Goddess Test!!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing book, I mean I started it in the midday and finished it by 1130pm! I COULD Not put the books down I just wanted to see what was next! A page turner, a great adventure and you will fall in love over and over again in it!! I CAN NOT wait to read the next it cant get out soon enough! I great read for all ages!!


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well i was very excited to get this book, it had been a while since I had read the first so I wanted to see what was gong to happen!!! It started a little slow but that did not last long at all, the story picked up fast and got interesting! I was upset not to see as mush Lend in the book as I hoped but was nice to see him! Evie had an interesting new life in this book, she was faced with many new threats and as always went head on and I loved it. I was a wrapped up in the story and was surprised at all the exciting things going on, every corner was something new!! It's a must read and you will not be disappointed!


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW, what can I say once again Richelle has out done her self. In this amazing spin off Sydney and her new life after all that happened with her and Rose situation in the Vampire Academy installments, this was exciting. It stared off excellent, and like every other book I was sucked right into it! This was yet another page turner, and leaving you thinking about the book every time you laid it down till you picked it up again. Sydney was very cool to get to know and loved to read about her, her story is as much interesting as Rose's in the VA books! If you read you will know what i mean, if not well it's a must read then!

Now Adrian, he was so loveably and he attitude was a lot of fun to read. I was glad to see him in this book it made it that much better and made me love him that much more. He had me smiling and laughing out loud and the friendship between him and Sydney was very interesting too. It was good to get to know Jill a little better and loved that Eddy was involved too he is such a amazing character as well!! There was SOOO many surprises and twists and turns and things that have me still thinking and wondering whats next. It was a fanatics story and you will not be disappointed at all this is a one of a kind story!

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*First Prize:

The First 3 books in the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare!

Ana Lucia

*Second Prize:

A copy of Bloodline by Rachelle Mead!


*Third Prize:

A 5$ Gift Card from Amazon!

Clarissa P

I will send you all a email please respond in 48 hours!! Thanks everyone for coming over and checking out my blog!!:)) Bella

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Resent books reads....

Hey all.....SOOOOO I finished Supernaturally by Kristin White the other day and have to say I give it a 5 :) it was a bit slow in the start butttt got good and to get more of the story was good after waiting so long form the last book!!

I ma now onto Bloodlines and its been AMAZING, a MUST MUST back with a review of both soon!!!

Not sure whats ext on the list but keep a look out!~bella;)

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Stuck in YA Books: Extra book Giveaway!!

Stuck in YA Books: Extra book Giveaway!!: Like I promised, I am giving another book as part of my 300 giveaway. The blog has reached 351, which is amazing:) This is the other book! I...

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I really love the picture the girls picked for the tour! I am in Hawaii so I don't get to see them a lot but they are beautiful and oh how I would love to sit and look at them in the night!

***TOUR RULES to get out of the way before we have some fun:

1) Invite all of your friends and spread the word! Extra entries will be given to those who spread the word and leave verifiable links below in the comment section or via email to where they shared the blog hop.

2) This tour starts on Monday, August 22, at Midnight (Arizona Time)

This tour ends on Monday, August 29, at Midnight (Arizona Time)

Winners will be drawn and posted August 30th! ♥♥

3) Meet and mingle with all of the authors. Experience a new hunt at every stop. Participate in every blog contest and be entered for chances to win multiple prizes. Every blog visited is another opportunity to win!!

4) You MUST be 18 years of age or older to enter MY contest, but not all of the contests on this tour. If you’re under 18, leave now, as the content on this blog is adult oriented!

5) By entering this contest, you agree to the rules and are stating that you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions.

6) Have fun and good luck!!

♥♥♥Authors have full discretion to choose an alternate winner in the event any winner fails to claim their prize(s) within 72 hours of their name being posted or after notification of win, whichever comes first. Anyone who participates in this blog hop tour is subject to these rules.

MY MY What An Adventure I am On!

Well first of all let me say this is my first ever blog hop! I am not an author but I am a HuGE book-aholic! I think the topic of this blog hop is great for me because I live in Hawaii!! So ALOHA to you all!

(All photos are mine and from the great Island of Oahu)
Sweet places to read, right! The sun and the romance that you can enjoy!

The summer nights under the sunset and palm trees!! They might ignite your passion!

SO lets start the night out, or should I say the blog hop! I can’t WOW you all with my amazing book coming out like a lot of the other author's on the blog are doing but I can WOW you with a little of me! I am a mom of 4 beautiful kids ( I will post a picture for you all) and married to a U.S Coast Guard member for 7 years and that's the same amount of time he has been enlisted! Life is crazy fun and crazy busy! Our summers are nuts and spent at the beach most the time, since its summer/beach day all year around! SO here is a taste of it and of ME!

(My girls are up top and my two boys are on the bottom)

Its fun to be all over the place and have enjoyed many different states! What I have not liked is making good friends and then having to say good-bye, that’s when the summers are NO fun. But I have always had amazing memories with them all and keep in touch with lots of them still! We loved doing crazy things like midnight Twilight showing, Luau’s, going out on the town and being nuts! I have found amazing girls who love what I do, BOOKS as well as MUSIC oh and Movies (that we love to quote most of the time)! And they love them, as much as I do too, so that's a good thing because it makes me feel a little less nuts! We are always chatting about everything really, it is so cool to have amazing friends like I do!:)

(Lu'au fun)

Friends to be made, even if I live in Hawaii and they live in all different places!

Just one of the fun places to sit and read!

I now spend a lot of my free time, outside of my family and being a full time student, running a book page on face book and that well has been amazing! I have befriended lots of amazing ladies and author's that have just started out or are all ready in the big shoots and its great! And I keep adding new friends and pages to that list every day, I think no matter what state or country I visit or move to I will have a book buddy for sure and that's just something I cant even put into words! :) It's amazing what the world wide web has grown into in the short few years its been really BIG!:)

Oh how the Hawaii summers are amazing!!

Since starting the book page, I have to say I have enjoyed a whole lot of new adventures and fallen in love with many men, I know, I know not very lady like! But who cares, just to book fall in love with a man that’s strong, rugged, unstoppable but still looks at you like it’s the first time he has seen you, or fights creatures from many different worlds and comes and kisses you like your hero he is, its WOW!!??!! It’s an amazing thing to be a part of! I have read maybe about 70-80 books, not a lot to some people but for me it’s a lot! I think I have only run across maybe 3 books I have not enjoyed so I think that’s an amazing thing. I try to read whenever I can and love to read for reviews as well, but still love to read for ME too! I have supported so many new authors' over on my book page and well, I am SO happy doing it. I think one day I would love to become one of these amazing author's agent, well lets say that’s what I am gunning for!! LOL

So make sure to stay Aloha and keep reading and enjoying your sultry summer nights because I know I will it’s a great world to venture into every now and again!:)

So now here is my info:

My Twitter click to add!:)

My Facebook Book Page click to add!:)

You my also add me here on my blog I would love to have new friends!:)


There is no link to the next blog, you are to go back to Kristine's blog post with the official list of all the blogs participating! IN CASE YOU'RE LOST



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Just finished a few books here is what they were!!

Just Finished The Goddess Test and I have to say it was a 5 star book for sure make sure you pick up your copy ASAP!!
I also finished the 2nd book in the Pulse series and LOVEDi t cant wait for more !! hehehehheeheh
Last but not least Spellbound too, finished last night and its a must read so pick up your copies ASAP!! Happy reading Bella;)

P.S. I will post some reviews later!!;)))

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ROOTS IN MYTH: ASHES by Ilsa Bick Gievaway - Signed!

ROOTS IN MYTH: ASHES by Ilsa Bick Gievaway - Signed!: "Up for giveaway today is another book I absolutely loved! I reviewed it back in June , and it's going to be released in less than a month. A..."


ROOTS IN MYTH: CALLI, BORDER CROSSING, TRUDY—Three Book Giveaway ...: "I am beyond thrilled for this week's giveaway! Today, I am fortunate to offer up three books from the amazingly talented Jessica Lee Anderso..."

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Gripped into Books: 1000 Followers Giveaway!!!

Gripped into Books: 1000 Followers Giveaway!!!: "Hey guys!

I'll just get straight to the point! There's more than 1000 followers on my blog! YAY! I would have never have thought tha..."

My Book Challenge!!

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
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